performing artist: India de Vere
Series of video-installations by Ksenia Yurkova
On a junction of theory and art practice, through the means of multiple media, the project DEGREES Vol.2 dives into the framework of contemporary affect theory and approaches the question of affect on both: personal and political levels.
Through the experimental performative practices, I intent to register resonating independent bodily emanation of the participant’s memories.
I work in a close and horizontal collaboration with professional performers, whose origin and language are different from mine. The departure point of our conjoint work is personal remembrance which we adjust to another level of abstraction, searching a method to represent it as a personal/ political statement. Through a mechanism of traumatic recollection, and through the further delegation it to a bodily rendering, I want to accentuate on the powerfol but, so far undervalued, mechanism of resonating affect with its strong and irrevocable capacity of building empathy.


For my new video-work, I am looking for performing artists* based in Vienna and around. It will be not fully a commissioned work, but an artistic collaboration. By my work, I research the phenomenon of affect, especially, the hypothesis of whether an affect can be delegated/ transmitted to another person. Using individual micro-stories I want to reveal a work of affect in the political dimension of human's experience.

I would like a performer to:

  1. read the texts (an example**) I will provide (3 blocks/ 7 texts in each/ 1 text - half of A4).
  2. find a text which resonates*** with her/ his/ their remembrance.
  3. to recall a situation where, how she/ he/ they experienced this affect.
  4. to write down this situation (similarly to the initial texts).
  5. to reenact/ stage/ interpret this episode in the place where it has happened (own apartment, house, country house, school, etc.), or in a neutral place (non-space).
  6. the rehearsal comes first; the filming follows the rehearsals.

* artists, working with experimental forms of performance and who is working using their bodies. I am not searching for conventional actors or dancers this time.

***resonance is a similar body sensation, reaction, mixture of reactions, which is revealed not on the verbal, but explicitly on the bodily level. We are not speaking about emotions; we are speaking of something which precedes emotions.

  1. the honorarium is 200 Euro in total, and paid after the work is finished.
  2. the work is in the first place a collaboration. This collaboration encompasses discussions and rehearsals (1-2 times). The author keeps the right to refuse further work on a stage of rehearsals. The model agreement is signed after the rehearsals and before the shooting.
  3. this proposal won't be suitable for people who perceive this work only as a commissioned one.


  1. A video-piece for a video-installation
  2. Duration of each piece is 5-6 min
  3. One performing artist works for 1 piece
  4. A voice-over and sound-design will be added
  1. The deadline 1 for applications: closed
  2. The deadline 2: for applications: closed
  3. The deadline 3: for applications: November 10
  4. Filming: November-December 2020

**"I am N years old, and I return to my grandfather's house after 20 years. Return to sell it out and share earning with my not very close relatives. This house lately was a residence for my uncle and his wife, a former student-lover. Some time ago my grandfather lived with them. He suffered from diabetes, then gangrene; and his leg was cut off. He was very old, and maybe he also suffered from dementia. Nobody knows. But he was calling my father every week complaining that his son, my father's brother, together with his wife, do not give him any meatballs. My consciousness merges these two stories in one.

All the walls are in cracks, wallpaper is hanging here and there. My uncle's wife uses this place as a flee market. She settles apart the apartments of lonely old people, and sell their junk in my grandfather's house. The house is in ruins. There easily one could eat human meat… It is four years already my uncle has died. Entering the house, first thing what I saw were his pants hanging over a door handle. They memorised the shape of his both legs. I thought it not the worst idea to flat this house with the ground."

Collaboration with Nadja Pärssinen (Finland)
Collaboration with Anne Glassner (Austria)
Collaboration with India de Vere
(Great Britain)
Collaboration with Redi Made (Albania)
Examples of previous work
Ksenia Yurkova is a multidisciplinary artist and occasional curator living between Russia, Finland and Austria. She is interested in problems of language and communication functioning through processes of stereotyping; their enclosure into aspects of politics and economy; their operation in memory registers; and how these interconnect with problems of veracity and reliance. Yurkova researches the phenomena's existence and habitude, relating to both verbal and visual languages, specifically seeking non-verbal manifestations through a body and its affects. Ksenia participated in numerous festivals, among them: Grand Prix Photofestival (Poland, 2015), Athens Photofestival (Greece, 2015, 2017, 2019), Presence Festival (Russia, 2017), Riga Photomonth (Latvia, 2019), Krakow Photomonth (Poland, 2019); nominated for Kuryokhin Prize (Russia, 2013, 2018, 2019) and Kassel Dummy Awards (Germany, 2016); won Gomma Grant (UK, 2014); published artist books and research monographs. She holds MA in political journalism and MFA in visual art.

Still from a video Spinebone Soup and Stuffed Rabbits (2018)
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